Monday, September 2, 2013

Writing Again! :)

My last post was on Nov 2, 2011 and today is Sept 2, 2013. So many days have past and I have not written anything on my blog. Why? Why did i left last time? It's because of Google. Initially my blog was performing well on google search and then when I tried on Nov 3, 2011 it was totally removed. The reason is still unknown. Well, now the google search index doesn't matter to me anymore. The funny memories and the experience which you get after reading your old post worth much more than those silly Google spiders.
On my last post I was preparing for my 3rd semester exams. It's very funny to read that I was studying C programming language. Today I realize that programming languages need not to be learned. You'll eventually learn most of the thing about programming language with time and experience.
I just had recovered from an accidental jaw fracture. Now I have slowly started to take solid food after surviving on fruit juice and milk for about a month. Living on a liquid diet is a disgusting experience and I will not want to get that experience again in my future.
This is the last year in college. Perhaps I am not gonna get a job but a little satisfaction is that I am earning more than those who have job. In future the business will grow more and I'll do much better.  

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