Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tomorrow is College.

Okay, so again. I failed to complete my "C programming" course. Actually now i am realizing that the course is not so small. It's too big and could take a considerable amount of time. I am really really worried now. I am not worried because I failed to complete my course. I am worried because i have to attend college tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday and it's a day for Basic Electronics Lab. My Basic Electronics Lab file isn't complete. I would have preferred not to go college in such case but tomorrow is the last date for exam form submission so its must to go college tomorrow.

I am sleepy and I don't think i could stay awake and study now. There is another big danger of viva voice. They said that there will be viva voice for all the subjects and i think most probably it will be held in the labs. If this happens then i am really going to get screwed by my teachers.

Another frustrating thing happening with me is that I am not getting enough reps on x10hosting. I am thinking to create a new account and start from the beginning but as it's a great addiction i can't take any risk now. I have to prepare for my examination. Later after exams I will study php in depth and will start to code real program for web.

I'm gonna quit from the facebook. It sucks my considerable amount of time. I need to focus more or studies and toward my websites. And as this blog is performing very well on Google, I think i could spend some more time writing my stories on here. Later I'll give back links to my original site or would buy a domain for this blog and signup for Google Adsense. I need Google Adsense. I need money.

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