Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm sleepy

This is my first post. I am starting this blog so that later i can read my post and memorize my old days. It's fun to read our old days story and to learn from all the mistakes we made.

I read another guy blog where he had a post of the days when he was preparing for 11th class exam. At present he is an engineer. he graduated this year. It was very interesting to read his old posts.

Okay, So today is 1st of november. it's night. it's 11:36 PM now. it was holiday today in occasion of "Rajya Nirman", or you could say "Chhattisgarh Birthday". I planned to complete my "C programming" course today but i haven't finished it yet. Now i am planning to study whole night but i am feeling sleepy at the moment.

To get rid from this sleepiness i spent some time on facebook and sometime on x10hosting. i replied to more than 10 support threads on x10hosting. I changed my signature on x10hosting. I made it "aha, don't forget to give me rep if i helped you". lol, with this new signature i am hoping to get more reps.

lets see if i can succeed in completing my "C programming" study tonight. And tomorrow i have to again college. i have to fill the examination form for 3rd semester tomorrow. it is depressing me every moment. I'll post tomorrow about my success/failure to study whole night. I have never studied for whole night. This could be the first time in my life. Hoping for the best.

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