Tuesday, November 1, 2011

holiday again!

Okay, I failed to study whole night yesterday (as usual!). It's 2nd November today and it's 9:03 AM. I waked up late today, nearly at 6:45. Surfed on Internet for about 20 minutes and then started to get ready for college at 7:10. I was worried because i haven't filled the exam form yet and as today was the last date for form submission i thought i will get myself in trouble at college. Luckily somebody told me on the way to Rohit's home that today is holiday because of some campus thingy in college. I then talked to my friend on phone and he confirmed the holiday. Now I am at home. Writing these all on my blog.

Aha, one more free day to study. Today i wish to complete my "C programming" course. I make goal everyday but time knows that i have never succeeded in making up to goal. Let's wait for the result. Again hoping for the best, lol.

Anyways, i think i have some time to spend on my chat room now. i can start my studies after one hour. I'll visit my chat room and chat with some Chinese people. And yes i could spend some time on facebook and x10hosting.

And perhaps the yesterday holiday was not on behalf of "Rajya Nirman". It was because of same campus thingy. perhaps! Whatever, i love such kind of surprise holidays.

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