Friday, April 18, 2014

Last few days left for examination

Maybe the next time I'll be reading this post I'll be graduate or maybe I'll be having my another life in M.Tech.  Life in B.E didn't go well. It's last few days for my final and last examination of B.E degree and I'm as usual not able to concentrate. When I talk to this genius girl I feel like, oh how sincere she is in her studies. I have talked to her only twice this month cause she is busy in her exam preparation even when she already had her all course covered. Maybe in M.Tech I'll do exactly like her. I'll try to be like her. This post will remind me of my mistakes I did in B.E. I'll make a fresh start. For now I'll just let go pass this B.E life as it didn't go well. The only thing that went well was that I'm able to setup a successful business and I'm able to somehow qualify in Gate Examination.  After graduating high school I thought I'd go to IITs but it didn't work out as expected then at the start of B.E I though I'd go IITs for M.Tech, but hmm, no it didn't work out as expected again. Maybe it was just a dream. I gotta wake up now. I hope that the next time I'll be reading it, I would be awake.

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