Sunday, June 24, 2018

Starting work on a new business

Bank preparation took alot from me and yielded nothing. I had given 3 years of my life, gave up my established business but the end result was a big failure.

Not all people are born equal in all fields. Just because others with similar intellect have been able to clear bank exams it doesn't mean that I'll be able to do that as well.

Even while starting my preparation for bank exams 3 years ago I had rightly analysed my problems. Firstly I can't mug up information and so I had inherent disadvantage in general awareness section. Secondly I have always been slow in calculation and so to score good in Quantitative analysis was also difficult. But still I decided to give it a try because I had an advantage in English section of banking exams.

The advantage in English section has always worked in my favour in preliminary exams but in mains it's not enough.

I think in year 2014 it was much easier to clear banking exams than what it is today. It was my mistake that I didn't put in enough time and effort, nor any interest in this field. I was preparing for Gate exam and was also trying to expand my business. But unfortunately neither I was able to get into IITs nor the expansion of business worked. And I know the reason why business expansion failed. When the world was shifting towards mobile application I was developing a social networking website. That was a terrible idea. Had I worked in mobile applications things would have been different. Anyway back to banking exam topic.

So on those days there were only one exam followed by an interview. And the level of exams were quite easy if we compare that to what it is today. But I remember that I used to solve only 30-40 questions in 2 hours time and that obviously was not sufficient to crack the exam. I have definitely improved a lot over the years but the toughness of exam has also increased and so the net result is still the same.

So I always wanted to have a business and be my own boss but I still agreed to prepare for government job as I thought that it will give me financial security which will enable me to take greater risk in life for my business.

But now after so many years of wasted life and the total collapse of my business, the time has come that I give up my unfruitful chase of government job and focus again to build a business, this time bigger, more profitable, scalable and stable business. In other words I have to setup a company and make it big.

Today I have appeared for SBI clerk preliminary exam and like always I think I'll be able to clear preliminary exam this time as well. On July 1st I have to appear for SBI PO pre and most probably I will be able to clear that too. Then on 15th July I have to appear for SSC CHSL Tier II exams where I'll have to write an essay and a letter. If I will be able to clear preliminary exams on SBI clerk and SBI PO then I'll have to prepare for their mains as well. And then afterwards I will have to dedicate myself towards establishing my company.

But in the mean time I will have to repeat this again and again in every post, every night that I have to form a company so that my goals can become very clear and not get shadowed with all the distractions of all these exams. And I think if I invest enough time and effort towards making a company and if I have a clear goal I can do it. I have the required skills and also I am good at learning new skills. Things are quite in my favor. The only thing I need is to have some courage to go head in this new journey and believe that the future will be bright.

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