Monday, June 25, 2018

Couldn't complete June 25 goals

So the goal for yesterday was to give 5 speed tests for SBI PO exam and to design a registration form for my upcoming app but I was only able to give 1 speed test and I didn't work on my app at all.

Yesterday I got a new router from Digisol and I was trying to setup a repeater for it and that wasted all my day. It was a tiring process. It was not as simple as setting up a repeater for my TP Link router. Digisol is an Indian company and I knew even while purchasing that the router is going to give me headache as it's a made in India product but yet I bought it because it has a USB port that is needed to create a FTP server.

To setup a repeater is important because the range of the Digisol router is limited and it couldn't cover our entire home and when I have another powerful router in my home available, it will be foolish to not use it. But the time it is taking to setup a repeater is worrying me.

Today I'll try to give 4 speed tests and instead of designing a registration and login form, I'll try to learn how to make a RESTful api with python. For python I am using Django framework. I can do that easily with PHP but lately I have figured out that Python is much better and much more interesting than PHP. And since I want to use Artificial intelligence in the future with my app, it's better than I start working on Python. 

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