Sunday, June 24, 2018

Goals for June 25

So today's goal is to give 5 speed test for my SBI PO 2018 Pre exam which is to be held on July 1st. Apart from 5 speed test I also have to develop a registration page for my app.

So I want to talk a little bit about my app. Till now I have developed and scrapped the registration system multiple times.

The first time I thought I will register users normally with a registration form where I'd ask for personal details and email address but then I dismissed that plan as I want to make the registration process as simple as possible for users.

Then I thought that I'll use other authentication services like Google and Facebook but then I gave up that plan too as I want greater control over my app.

Now I have decided to register users with phone number and make a very simple registration process. And most probably I will stick with it.

I was little confused between whether I should choose email or phone number for registration. I think that phone number is better even if I have to pay for using that service.

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